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        “I have many goals and visions for my art. I work hard
        to be as productive and creative as I possibly can.
        I want my art to evolve, and involve those around me.
        I want my artwork to remain relevant to my life experiences,
        my upbringing,the many social concerns, and the diverse cultures of 
        Los Angeles.  I would like to influence, inspired, and
        help contribute to an already colorful and living city. I’m
        always trying to find ways to expose and display my art.
        With art it’s not just about the act of painting, it’s about
        discovering the best way to express myself. It’s also about 
        engaging with the people through my paintings and 
        reaching out to the world, and the most exiting thing is 
        when the world reaches out to me through my art.”

            -Pinche Michi